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6th District SAL Commander Robert Foss, District President Roberta Elvecrog, District Commander Paul Edwards

This website is for all members of the 6th District Legion Family. On it you will find the most up to date information that we can provide.

Posted on this page are the monthly District Newsletter, current newsletters provided the individual posts in the distrct and other information affecting the members of the 6th District.


Below is a Resolution passed by Billie Brown Post #627 of Nisswa  for an amendment to our District Constitution and By-Laws.

We are asking for the widest possible dissemination because this will drive a change to our district’s constitution and by-laws, so talk to your fellow post members and come to a consensus. Some have already asked for clarification on a few things. This new article of the C&B will only come into play if we are unable to come together as a district to do the business of the district at our convention due to natural or manmade disaster or if a government mandate prevents us from convening as happened in 2020. If that occurs, the then sitting Executive Board will assume the authority of a convention for the purpose of transacting the district business normally done at convention. This business will include receiving nominations for, and conducting the election of officers, voting on resolutions, receiving reports and such other business that may properly come before it.

Since we want this to be in force before our next convention is scheduled, we will be collecting responses electronically. If your post has discussed the resolution and the post wishes to enter a “NO” vote, send an email to TAL6thdistrict@charter.net  Identifying the location and number of the post. Silence from any post will be considered a “YES” vote. The deadline for expressing a “NO” vote is March 15.


The American Legion

Department of Minnesota

Sixth District


Modify Article 5 – Legislative Organization


WHEREAS, The 2020 pandemic has affected us all; and

WHEREAS, The 6th District was unable to hold its 2020 annual convention because of the pandemic; and

WHEREAS, We need to prepare for the future; and

WHEREAS, The 6th District Constitution and Bylaws does not provide an official path to do the District’s necessary business and legislation if an in-person convention cannot be convened; now, therefore be it

RESOLVED, By Billie Brown Post 627 assembled on January 19, 2021 at Nisswa, Minnesota, recommends Article 5 (Legislative Organization) of the 6th District Constitution be changed to include a new section 2 and renumbering of the subsequent sections.: ‘Section 2.  In the event due to an emergency, National or State, it is impossible to convene the annual District Convention, the District Executive Committee will be convened, in-person or virtually/remotely, and it shall be the legislative body for that year and shall elect the District Officers and transact all necessary District business and legislation.  Nominations for District Officers and National delegates will be accepted from post endorsements and from the floor and voted on during the meeting.’; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the following are the requirements of the District Commander and Adjutant for a remote/virtual meeting:

  1. State on the record what the emergency is and that this is a remote/virtual meeting.
  2. Notice to members may be by FAX, Email, separate notice or by other forms of electronic network that the person has consented to receive such notice.
  3. Record and verify each person deemed necessary and entitled to vote.Verification can include voice recognition, have them provide their address but prefer theirmembership number.Determine if a quorum is present.
  4. Must implement reasonable measures to provide that each members remarks areheard or read by everyone at the meeting and to vote on a matter if a vote is called.
  5. The District Adjutant shall publish the minutes for the next District Newsletter following the meeting.
  6. The remote/virtual meeting is governed under Minnesota Statute 317A.450 – Remote Communications for Member Meetings.; and be it further

RESOLVED, That this resolution be published in the February 2021 6th District Newsletter for all posts to read and approve/disapprove by March 15, 2021;  and be it further

RESOLVED, That a response from each post will be considered ‘AYE’ unless communicated otherwise to the 6th District Adjutant; and be it finally

RESOLVED, That the effective date of this resolution is March 15, 2021 if approved.

Approved                                                                                                        Attested

Susan Edwards                                                                                               Bobbi Braden

Post Commander                                                                                            Post Adjutant


Information for reopening Posts sent out by Department of Minnesota.

Covid 19 Resource Guide

2020 Reopening Brochure

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