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Carl R. Moon

6th District Chaplain

Walker, MN.  56484

Home: 218-547-4608, Cell: 320-761-6962, Email:  crmoonidoc@yahoo.com

 Not a bad January so far. Just makes the winter a little bit shorter.

February 3rd is the day that we observe The Four Chaplains. These were four Army Chaplains, one Methodist, one Jewish, one Roman Catholic, and one Dutch Reformed; who selflessly sacrificed their lives to save others during WWII. They were on the Army transport Dorchester when they were torpedoed by a German submarine. These four Chaplains gave up their lifejackets to others. There were 902 on board; only 230 were rescued.  If your Post is able to; please donate funds to the Four Chaplains Memorial Foundation.

I am very pleased to announce that Frank Grittner has been endorsed as a candidate for District Chaplain for the2021-2022 year. Frank is just getting involved in the District but he has been a great asset and hard worker for our Post. He is a Past Commander and Adjutant of the Kriesel-Jacobsen Post. He has volunteered numerous hours preparing and serving meals for various Post functions.  I know he will also be a great asset to our District.

May God Bless You all.

 Carl & Peggy



Name                                    Age          Date of Death               Military                                                           Post

O’Keefe, Gerald                    86           11-30-20               U.S. Army                                                                124

Frank, Michael J.                 103          12-12-20                U.S. Navy                                                                067

Kirmis, Wayne                       94          12-20-20                U.S. Army, WWII                                                   212

Lackman, Walter                   89          12-20-20                U.S. Army, Korean War, Bronze Star                 012

Edgar, Kenneth A.                 81          12-20-20                U.S. Army                                                                067

Nord, David H.                       80           12-22-20               U.S. Navy, Viet Nam War, 28 yr. member.        212

Clement, Richard C               83           12-23-20                U.S. Army                                                                277

Bradow, Erv                            92           12-27-20                U.S. Army, Korean War, 60 yr. member            212

Posch, Richard J.                    68           12-27-20                U.S. Army, PUFL 46 yrs.                                        642

Spilman, Ernest                      92           12-30-20                U.S. Army                                                                124

Nichols, Harvey A.                 70           12-30-20                U.S. Navy, Viet Nam War                                    212

Beaty, John Francis               96            12-30-20                U.S. Army Air Corp, WWII                                  046

Wolff, Robert W.                   81            01-01-21                U.S. Army, Vietnam, 18 yr. member                202

Longazo, Mike                       99             01-03-21                U.S. Army, Korean War, Purple Heart             212