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6th District American Legion Department of Minnesota

Executive Board Notes

October 17,2021, Long Prairie American Legion

Formal opening of the 6th District Executive Board to include the placement and honoring the Colors, invocation from 6th District Chaplin, placing the POW/MIA drape, pledge of allegiance and saying the preamble to the Legion Constitution.

Introduction of guests and dignitaries and welcoming comments.

Commander Lucas introduced the 6th District President Bey Grose who gave greetings. Also introduced Jennifer Havlick who is running for Department Commander 2022-2023.

The Adjutant called roll call of officers and chairman, there was a quorum.

The previous e-board notes were published in the 6th Dist. Newsletter and not read.

The finance chair read the finance report. Motion by Wes Thompson and 2d by Anthony Koop was made to accept the finance report for the closing of the last years funding (passed). Motion by Ken Meyer to accept the finance budget for 2021-2022 2d by Dwayne Collins (passed)

Discussion by Paul Edwards about the Blue Cap basic training program at the post level.

Resolution discussion: #45 preparation of Insurance for the protection of the legion posts and #36 the mission Blue post program for grants for posts in destress. 

Sons of the American Legion 6th Dist. Commander Bob Foss gave SAL awards to the Vice Commanders to give to the SAL Squadron's.

Paul Edwards announced Department Legion Collage dates April 21 to 24, 2022 Cost $200 per student.

6th District Membership Director Karen O Bar talked on the membership status and use of mylegion.org program.

All reports from Officers completed and noted.

The Commander preformed the closing ceremony. A motion to close the e-board was made and passed.

Rick Cross Sr.

6th Dist. Adjutant