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American Legion 6th District, Minnesota

October 4th, 2020

Pine River Post 613

Call to order

Opening salute to the flag, prayer, POW/MIA recognition, pledge, preamble.

Roll Call – The follow members were present:  Peggy Moon, Carl Moon, Karen O’Bar, Leslie Kruft, Bobbie Braden, Michael Costello, Tom Fernlund, Gene Hesse, Mel Buesseler, Wes Thompson, Jim Blakesley, Richard Cross, Sr., Jim Lucas, Vern Massie, Dewayne Collins, Paul Edwards, Susan Edwards, Irv Tooker, Anthony Koop, Ken Meyer, Terry Schwab.  Quorum established.

Minutes - Motion to approve minutes of the July 11 eboard meeting made by Karen O’Bar, 2nd by Rick Cross, approved.

Finance Ken Meyer reported that the finance committee s wrapping up the 2019/2020 finance year. One CD and savings account will be combined to a new CD with a total of $1856.35 and the other has a total of $91,215.52.  Wells Fargo accounts are $23,725.91 and $25,52.79.

Old Business -  Confirmation of appointees to long range planning committee. Motion made by Dewayne Collins, 2nd by Mike Costello, approved.

Starting a post at the eagles healing nest:  Post Development will be meeting on this.

New Business – Open Discussion to shut down post at Boy River. Motion to accept charter made by Rick /c/ross, 2nd by Dewayne Collins, Approved

A new chaplain will be needed next year.

Presentation of awards form Harvest Rally.  Mike Costello and Karen O’Bar.

Discussion of the resolution:

Resolution presented concerning the relationship between BSA and BLM

Motion to approve this resolution made by Carl Moon, 2nd by Anthony Koop. Unanimous approval.

Good of the Legion - Commanders Comments- Participation at Conferences and conventions. Emphasis on the three points of the District Commander’s goals of Communication-Education-Mentoring and updates on how these are progressing.

There is a blood drive at fall conference.

 Subscription form will be constructed to get a subscription for a post for the district newsletter.

Final salute and prayer