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Junior Shooting Sports

In my last article, Allison Buesseler was in the top 15 “Precision” category to compete in the American Legion 2021 3-Position Junior Air Rifle Championship held at Colorado Springs, Colorado from 20-25 July, 2021.

Don’t know how many read the September American Legion magazine, as on Page 30, the top eight

finalists in the “Sporter” and “Precision” categories fired 10 shots in standing position shoulder to shoulder for the final round.  Allison was one of the eight finalists and it was fun watching this match

electronically. Natalie Perrin took the title (2,481.2) and received a $5,000 scholarship! But am proud to say that Allison took 6th   place (2,456)!  It has been a long trek for Allison started competing with BB gun when she was younger! Now Allison has joined the U of KY shooting team and rather interesting, her rifle locker is alongside of the Olympic Gold Medal winner, Will Shaner....a teammate now! Will see if any of that experience will rub off on her? So just sharing a little what has happened, as quite proud of Allison’s achievements as well as the MN Centershots team that practice at the Anoka Legion 102! There will be more candidates following her footsteps. A great American Legion program that does not get the publicity needed!

The Junior Shooting Sports (JSS) is a program under The National Legion Americanism Pillar. There is limited information available from the National Legion, although much can be obtained on the internet, such as with the Civilian Marksmanship Program. Therefore, it has been a difficult task to get the interest within the 6th   District.  Have to keep trying, as we should encourage youth to become more involved with shooting! There is a significant effort ongoing now with the High Schools shotgun trap shooting, as someday this category may be part of the American Legion Junior Shooting Sports too?? That would be a simpler program to promote as it would be less expensive for the necessary equipment! If you have any questions or thoughts regarding the Junior Shooting Sports program, let me know…thanks,


Mel Buesseler, 6th   District Chair