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Tom Fernlund, 6th District Media/Communications

1927 Clearwater Rd, St. Cloud, MN  56301

Phone: 320-250-7581           E-mail: tavfern@gmail.com

Do you feel uninformed about The American Legion, veteran issues or events?  There are numerous resources available for instant information both print and electronic.  The American Legion National website is a great place to start.  National has The American Legion magazine, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Digital Dispatch, E-Newsletters, E-mails, videos, You-Tube, and Apps, just to name a few.  Department has The Legionnaire newspaper, website, e-mails and Facebook.  Districts have websites, Facebook, e-mails and newsletters.  Posts have websites, Facebook, e-mails, newsletters and individuals have Facebook and e-mails.

It is a matter of reaching out to the sources available and not being afraid of being connected to today’s electronic media.  Print media is still a necessary tool, but in today’s availability of instant access to information print may not be as up-to-date.  We are all responsible for keeping information available and up to date on our media resources.  There is a tendency to leave it up to the media person to provide the information but the current information needs to be shared so it can be made available. 

Stay informed, share valuable information, make sure sources are reliable and Always be respectful.  We all have opinions and they may differ but that helps make us unique and a stronger team.

Tom Fernlund

6th District Media & Communications Chairman