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Jim Lucas 6th District Commander

765 12th Avenue SW  |  Pine River, MN 56474

218-821-7347  |  walkerpost2134@gmail.com

Greetings 6th District Family,

We have started the year off right: We reached Goose Egg. Hooray! Now, our next step will be to reach the 50% mark. That is where your post needs to be for Membership. The deadline for this is September 9, 2021, so work hard to get this achieved.

CAMP-O-REE is September 9-12 at Legionville. I hope to see everyone there.

Everyone knows what The American Legion is about right? The new Department Commander, Tom Fernlund and his Membership Director, Paul Hassing have adopted the same program the 6th District is running this year. We all believe in what The American Legion does; however, we believe the mission of The American Legion, and what The American Legion is all about is being lost when we talk about the Legion. To help combat this, we need to LEARN more and INFORM better about The American Legion. For example, the Elk River Post 112 has their Auxiliary involved more. Their Auxiliary members can talk about the Legion better than any Legion Member I know, and they are getting results! They believe in what we do. Moreover, we often lose the interest of the younger potential members by telling them what they need to do. Some don’t want to or are unable to do anything in the post right now because they don’t have time to dedicate. If you all remember when you were younger, raising a family, working, and/or going to school, you didn’t have much time either. So, give them some space and let them grow. I believe you will see them get involved when they can make time.

This year, we do not have a Sobieski Post anymore due to Nationals. As a result, there are a lot of Members of The American Legion in the1982 Posts whom we will be trying to recruit for our Posts in the 6th District! For those members in1982 State and National, if they want to be at-large, with no meetings, I am going to reestablish our Sobieski Post to make it available for membership. I will run that post for those members who want to remain at-large. But active posts come first for membership. To assist with the process of recruiting from the 1982 Posts this year, I plan on participating in recruitment at Camp Ripley. We have a few retired Military who have the gift to GAB, and they can recruit, we just need to give them a chance. I already started putting the zip codes together for the revitalization so I can get the information.

The form below on page 3 is for the American Legion Family Hospital Association. I would say about 99.5% of The American Legion Members of your Post likely do not know they have Hospital Insurance through The American Legion. You pay for it every year in your dues, so it is a benefit available. All Post Officers should save this form in case any of your post members need it now or in the future. All members of The Minnesota American Legion, Minnesota American Legion Auxiliary and The Sons of The American Legion, are members of the association. More information can be found by visiting: https://mnlegion.org/american-legion-family-hospital-association/

That is all I have for September. Remember to Keep ALL The Men And Women In The Military In Your Thoughts And Prayers. Oh! By the way, Melissa Ball-Warriner, the young lady who is learning to effectively complete the Newsletter for the 6th District, was just sworn back into the military in August. She will be able to retire in 10 years I think she said. Congratulations Melissa – or should say TSgt Ball. We Salute You.

Thank you for your time,

Jim Lucas District Commander





6th District American Legion Commander’s Project

2021-2022 Membership Year

Hey, Everyone! I just wanted to mention my Project for this year. We are raising money for all our Veteran and their families that may need HELP. When I say HELP, I mean medical, groceries, schooling etc. So, my Project this year is HOMELESS and WOUNDED WARRIORS. If your Posts have some extra funds, I sincerely hope you find it in your hearts on giving some towards this project.

If your post is able to provide a donation from your Gambling Funds, write the check to Homeless and Wounded Warriors and in bottom left-hand corner put 6th District Commanders Project. You can even give by personal means to. Send all checks to our Finance Officer Ken Meyer. His address is Ken Meyer, 4345 Acorn Ln., Pequot Lakes, MN 56472. He keeps the accounting totals of the money and gets it to the proper people.

Thank You in Advance, Jim Lucas, 6th Dist. Cmdr.