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Greetings 6th District Legion Family,

 I hope everyone is well and healthy.  We are still in the COVID-19 crisis, please take all precautions to keep yourselves safe.  Minnesota is experiencing high numbers of new cases.  Please get tested if you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive, if you are feeling sick, and especially if you are experiencing known symptoms. 

At the Sweetheart Rally in February.  The 6th District won the Kaisersatt Award!!  Congrats to everyone in the 6th for Great results in Membership and getting off the Goose Egg so quickly this year

We met the 85% goal for February.  We are at 89.2% on Feb 18th.  The March goal for membership is 90%.  We are only .8% away from March goal with a few weeks to get there! 

 10 Posts are 100% or higher.  Hillman Post 602, St Stephen Post 221, Grey Eagle Post 547, Brooten Post 288 and Becker Post 193 join Posts, 23, 213, 313, 462, & 417 at 100% or higher. Excellent work to those Post membership directors and Commanders. 

 4 Posts only need 1 more memberships to reach 100% -  Those Posts are – Pinewood, Akeley, Menahga and Upsala - Keep at it!

I know a lot of you are actively working the 1982’s and the results are showing it.  71 transfers have been completed so far. If you need transfer letters for a certain Zip code, let me know.  We have received new local Post members from 1982’s in each Vice Sub area and almost all CC’s turfs.

  • Congrats to West Sub Vice Commander, Karen O’Bar and Benton/Sherburne County Council Commander, Lloyd Stimmler.Both lead their Positions for membership results. Karen is at 92.64% & Lloyd is at 94.09%.

All Vice Sub Commanders met February Goal and all County Council Commanders are also at goal. Awesome work by all of you and the Post Membership directors, Commanders and members for these results.

I mailed out 1982’s for a large amount of members in St Cloud Zip Codes recently – I received a request awhile back to mail all of them to the Post Commander for mailings.  I apologize I left that whole stack unattended initially.  I mailed them out individually to members for this area.

Look for the latest available (at time of writing (02/18) Membership report in this bulletin.   By the time you receive this there will have been a couple of more recent reports.  All Vice commanders and County Council Commanders exceeded 85% goal!

Our Post homes and Clubs are now back open for regular business with amended rules for attendance capacity and hours of operation. For membership directors and Officers – We still need memberships processed, if you need help or feel unsafe during the pandemic, find help from other Post members and officers.  Utilize the on-line process for processing memberships if you can.  Your health is the main concern.  Be vigilant in taking appropriate precautions while handling or processing memberships.  Wear a mask, use hand sanitizer and wash your hands often. 

Start getting ready for the 2021 – 2022 Goose Egg objective.  Posts no longer need to have at least one membership paid to get off goose egg but do need a new Officer List submitted (YES-EVEN IF ALL OFFICERS ARE REMAINING IN SAME POSITION – You need to submit a list) and Each Post needs to complete a Consolidate Post Report(CPR).   Many of you chose to provide hand written Officer lists during membership packet pick up, one of the ones I received was written on a napkin.  If you’re not sending the reports into the Dept. directly and waiting until membership packet pick up to supply them.  Please Take the time prepare the correct document or present next years Membership Director a Word doc.

Keep vigilant retaining your current rosters and recruiting new members.  I know these are difficult times to be out and actively working memberships.  All of your hard work is appreciated by myself, your Vice Commanders, County Council Commanders and the 6th dist. leadership and our 6th Dist. Commander, Paul Edwards.

Our 6th District Legion Family is made of the Post, Auxiliary, S.A.L and ALR members.  Thanks to all of you for what you do for the Legion and may God Bless all the 6th District Legion Family.

For God and Country, Respectfully,

 Mike Costello 6th District Membership Director.