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Greetings 6th District Legion Family,

I hope everyone is well and healthy.  While we are still in the COVID-19 crisis, please take all precautions to keep yourselves safe.

The 6th District not only met the 55% membership goal for October, we surpassed it by 13.75%.  The 6th District finished at 68.75%.   We are already ahead of November’s 65% goal.  Great job by everyone at the Posts.   Lets do our best to stay 10% or higher above each Month’s target!

Congratulations to Swanville Post 313 – They are first Post to meet or exceed 100% They are at 105% of goal.

A number of other Posts are very close to 100%.  A couple only need 1 more membership to reach 100% - Keep at it!

Look for the latest available(at time of writing 10/15) Membership report in this bulletin.   By the time you receive this there will have been a couple of more recent reports.  All Vice commanders and County Council Commanders exceeded Octobers goal!  Awesome work by all of you and the Post Membership directors, Commanders and members for these results.

November’s goal is 65% some of the Posts need to catch up to the rest of the District, but I know you can do it.

It’s with a lot of sadness I have to report we are losing a Post in the 6th.  Boy River has turned in it’s charter.  If you are a member of Boy River Post, you have been sent transfer forms so we can move you to other Posts.  It is important you return those so we can make sure you stay a member of a Local Post.  If we do not receive them back you will be placed in the Dept.’s 1982 Post.   WE want to keep you as a Legion Member.  We will work to transfer you to any Post regardless of District or State Dept. 

Hopefully every one is remaining safe from the Covid-19 Virus.  I realize some Posts may still not be open or operating at normal strength.  Please make sure you work per all recommended guidelines.  For membership directors and Officers – We still need memberships processed, if you need help or feel unsafe during the pandemic, find help from other Post members and officers.

Legion.Org is transitioning to newer format. I have not yet been able to access the site with our Dist. login and password, I hope to be able to gain access in the near future.  I have a list of Posts in the North Sub area we are going to work on 1982 memberships to seek transfer to the local Posts.

If any Post is actively pursuing the 1982’s I’d like to hear from you and acknowledge your efforts.  We have a few transfers coming in my County and I hope to have a revitalization planned for Nov soon.  If your Home post is interested in hosting an event please send me an E-mail.  If you need some assistance on pulling the 1982 report and creating the letters for those members.  E-mail me and I will contact you.

Keep vigilant with recruiting new members and retaining your current rosters.

  Thank you for all you do for the Legion.

For God and Country, Mike Costello 6th District Membership Director.