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Karen O’Bar
6th District Membership Director

46855 County Road 23 | Verndale, MN  56481

218-639-9512  |  mnlegs@gmail.com

My fellow legionnaires: I hope everyone is having a grand summer. National membership numbers have been published.

Please be aware that the 6th district newsletter is for all posts it is not just 6th District. With this year we are trying to fill up the pages with post happenings. If you have anything that's going on in your post let us know before the 15th of the month so we can include it in the next month newsletter.

On August 14 we had district training at the Saint Joseph post at 11am and then the Walker post at 3pm. This training was for ALL posts within 6th district, yet only a handful of posts were in attendance.

Being semi new within the Legion, having only 12 years in, I think it's a shame that some posts didn’t take advantage of this training. My job is to help your post succeed in Membership. If you don't ask for help or just have a question but never call or reach out, I am unable to determine if your post needs assistance.

We all know that's not the case or Membership numbers wouldn't be falling.

Learn the new Mylegion.org platform. The parts of the system that work will only help your post. Need post labels? Guess what, you can print them from Mylegion.org.

You can find 1982 (MN State) and 1982AD (National) members in your area. They removed the printed letter to send out, so as a post you need to write each one of those members a letter. Put your post on a pedestal. This is your time to shine as a post. Most 1982s want to belong to a local post but maybe have never been asked. Maybe they don't know what your post does for the local community. Advertise, advertise, advertise!

We all want the same thing. To advocate for our Veterans. If our younger Veterans don't step up and start advocating for them; who will?

For God and Country Karen O'Bar