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Rob Albrecht

6th District North Sub Vice Commander

218-675-5211  |  ralbrecht@tds.net

Greetings from the North Sub.-   

      Department Convention is over, and our new Commander Jennifer Havlick and her list of officers are ready to serve. Roughly 22% of the Minnesota Legion Posts were represented. The other Legion Family groups also had a good turnout.

      We are starting a new membership year. Thanks to Jim Lucas and Carl Moon for bringing the new membership packets to the Vice Commanders of the 6th District. The new packets were delivered to the North Sub Posts prior to the Department Convention. The North Sub Posts are off the goose egg and collecting memberships.

      Don’t forget about those that have not renewed for 2021-2022. There is still time to keep them from losing their continuous years of membership. The Sixth District is holding first place in the state with 96.53%, and the North Sub is at 97.2% at last report, 46 memberships away from 100%. Thanks to all the posts for the work they did to get us to where we are. 

      Summer is going fast, and I am sure everyone is as busy as we are at our post with parades and other events and activities. Enjoy them, have fun and stay safe!

    Rob Albrecht     (V.C.N.S.)