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American Legion, North Sub-Sub

2020-2021 Membership Year

Greetings American Legion North - Sub,

As most of you know, I am Ashley Yoder, Vice Commander. I have been to quite a few American Legions. Mostly mistaken as auxiliary or a newly acquired service member if that- which in itself is a point. However, I continue to hear to the same question "How do we acquire the younger generation?"

As a 12-year service member and as a 31 year old woman, I personally hope to at least express some guidance to the North Region American Legion - trust your bartenders and managers - if you are so lucky to still have a club. Commander's will come and go; however, club bartenders will remain, and hopefully, so will club managers. The club has the upmost interaction with the public and they are experts. I have personally witnessed, listened, and experienced the hurdle's others have gone through to consider joining the Legion or even to consider walking through the door of the club. The Legion is not a "club" or what is commonly known as the "good ol' boys club" - it is a representation of Veterans. Not an era, war, generation, gender, politics or an exclusive club.

Lay your agenda, personality, convictions, or anything else aside - we are a whole. If we do not fight for our place in society as whole we will die as a whole.

I ask that you personally reevaluate the present decisions if the future of the American Legion or the ramifications of your resolves are not in the forefront of your mind. We must always look forward.

I genuinely would like to see the personal growth of the American Legion within my lifetime as well as future generations. I hope you all do as well.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns at aayoder24@gmail.com.


Ashley Yoder