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Cass   Hubbard   County   Council                                                   

Meeting Minutes for September 16, 2020

The C.H.C.C. meeting was called to order at by Commander Tooker at 7:00 PM. Call to order was followed by the posting and salute to the flag.  The pledge of allegiance was recited followed by an opening prayer offered by Ashley Yoder V.C. North Sub.  

The first meeting of the new year was hosted by Post # 134 Walker Legion.

Commander Tooker asked for an introduction of all members attending:  Irv Tooker, Post # 134 C.H.C.C.  Commander; Jim Lucas, Post # 134;

Josh Cairns, Post #134 Post Commander; Ashley Yoder, Post # 134; Gene Gagnon, Post # 368; David Poe, Post # 202 Post Commander

Rob Albrecht, Post # 202; Guests-  Paul Edwards, Post # 627 and 6th Dist. Commander; Susan Edwards, Post # 627 6th Dist. Adjutant

 Carl Moon, Post # 560 and 6th Dist. Chaplain                                  

   The Agenda was approved with the need for meeting dates and locations to be set.


     Jim Lucas stated check book balance is at $359.10.  All C.H.C.C. members $15.00; dues are again due.


   *  Membership is at 55.91% for the C.H.C.C. area, putting us ahead of the Sept.10th target date. Next target date Oct.15th for 55% target.

   * Some conversation on new requirements and concerns. Also, struggling Posts.

   * C.H.C.C. Elections-  Elections of officers held at the last 2019/2020 meeting in May.  List of new officers follows:

               C.H.C.C. Commander-      Irv Tooker

               Vice Commander-             Ashley Yoder

               Treasurer-                          Jim Lucas

               Sgt. at Arms-                     Terry Steele

               Chaplain-                           Ashley Yoder

               Adjutant-                           Rob Albrecht


    New meeting dates and locations were set for the 2019 /2020 membership year.

1. September 16, 2020      Post #134 Walker

2. December 3, 2020          Post #368 Backus

3. March 4, 2021                Post #134 Walker

 4. May 6, 2021                   Post #613 Pine River 

Susan Edwards- 6th Dist. Adjutant, Nisswa Post 627 Commander.  Candidate for 6th Dist. Commander spoke about need to bring in new members. After the Legion Act, more Veterans are now eligible and need to be brought into the membership of all Legion Family Organizations.

Carl Moon-  6th Dist. Chaplain. Candidate for Dept. Vice Commander for 6th and 9th District. talked about assisting the District and Vice Commander in obtaining the Post Consolidated Reports. Spoke further on the value of the C.P.R. for showing what your post and the

Legion overall accomplishes. Efforts will also be applied to posts getting off the goose egg and getting the New Officers List from each Post.

            Peggy Moon- (not in attendance) is a candidate for Alternate National Executive Committeeman.

            Ashley Yoder-  candidate for Assistant Vice Commander.

            Jim Lucas- candidate for 6th Dist. Commander. Jim spoke of bringing in new members by revitalization at posts in the dist. Finding and encouraging new and younger members to keep the Legion going. He also spoke of Project Wounded Warriors of MN. and how they have taken on projects similar to the ALR.

            Paul Edwards- 6th Dist. Commander spoke of the three essentials. Communication, Education and Mentorship.

            The Legion is communicating long term items such as the newsletter and the Dist. And Dept. Calendar on its website. Facebook is used for short term items and notices.  Education- there is a link on the website for education. American Legion College is scheduled for Oct. at Fort Ripley, a three-day session. There is a Basic Legion Training course on line. Mentorship-The need to train younger and new members about the Legion. Sharing information with people and posts. 


                           Nov. 12           65% Target date

                           Dec.   5           Pearl Harbor Rally

                           Dec.   9           Renewal cut off date

                           Dec.  11          75% Target date

Commander Tooker asked if there was any other business for the good of the Legion to be brought before this council. With no further business for the good of the Legion, the Commander called for a moment of silence for departed comrades, followed by a prayer       from Dist. Chaplain Carl Moon. This followed by the Sargent.at Arms calling for a hand salute to the flag and a motion to adjourn.


Thank You to our host, Walker Post # 134.  

Next Meeting-  Dec.3rd, 2020- at 7:00PM at Backus hosted by Post # 368.

Rob Albrecht

Adjutant CHCC