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It is once again time to start making plans for our year. Setting a budget and deciding which program or programs your Unit wants to participate in. Remember, you do not have to do all the programs. Picking one or two and doing them well helps veterans a great deal. Let’s make it a fun year for our veterans and ourselves.

I would like to say thanks to the Richmond Unit for inviting me to their Membership Dinner and the donation of $100.00 for my project, along with individuals from the Unit & Post that donated

$120.00. If you are having a meeting or event you would like me to attend, just call, I will try to make as many as I can. My chairmen and myself are here to help you as much as possible.

Our first Membership Rally, the Harvest Rally, will be at Legionville on Saturday, September 11th. Please send our memberships in weekly and the week of Legionville save them and bring with or send with someone. Let’s try to have every Unit off zero at this rally. Remember, by paying your dues you are helping our veterans.

If you have not yet sent your officers list to Department and District, please do so right away, so we can get you your membership packets and the bulletin and Department information that is sent monthly. If you have members who would like a copy of the District Bulletin the cost is $10.00.

I see several Units posting what they are doing on Facebook. It is so good to see the ideas our Units have. Remember to also let your community know what you are doing by putting the information in your local paper. If you have something your Unit is doing and would like to advertise it, please send it to Karen Foss at rkfoss@icloud.com., to include in the bulletin, pictures can also be sent.

Department Fall Conference will be in Mahnomen, October 21 - 23. At this point I have not seen any other information on this.

I have changed my theme & project due to unforeseen circumstances.

My theme this year is: Expanding the understanding of the needs of our veterans. My symbol is a Fan (see below).

If approved my project will be St. Cloud Stand Down and a joint project with our Jr. President of iPad for the VA. I am hoping to raise $10,000.00 to split between these two places.

Bev Grose President