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Greetings Morrison County Legion Families,

February is here already.  Hopefully you are all healthy and safe.  As of January 11th, our Post homes have been allowed to be open.  Thank you for all persevering through these difficult times!

Morrison County Council meets every other Month on the 2nd Monday.  Our last meeting should have been in Royalton in December.  Due to the State mandated closure of all Posts in accordance with Governor Walz Executive orders it was canceled.  Hopefully we are done with His orders!

Next meeting is February 8th at the Little Falls Post.  6Pm start time

County Council meetings are a joint get together with the Auxiliary, Post and now SAL.   I encourage all Post Commanders to attend.  Especially the Commanders who I rarely get to see.  This meeting is for you.  Why not come and enjoy a meeting you don’t have to chair?  It’s much more relaxing and enjoyable.  County council meetings are also a good way to hear what other Post and Units are doing in our County.  You’ll share experiences, gripes and ideas with your peers from nearby towns.  

We are currently (as of Jan 14th) still leading the District County councils in Membership, but we have others nipping at our tails.  We are just under 91% with a week to go for January results to be final.   Great Job by every Post during demanding times to process renewals.   Every Post is currently above January’s 80% target.  Most Posts are exceeding 90% - 7 of 10 Morrison county Posts are over 90%.  Swanville leads the pack at 106% and Hillman is closing in at 98%. 

The membership results as of 1/15/2021 are included in the Monthly newsletter.  Great results by all for the county.  My hope is since we are now allowed back in our buildings, you’ll have some pending renewals to process.

All Commanders and Membership directors pay attention to your mail boxes in next couple of weeks.  I am running 1982 reports for all of the Zip codes in the county.   The notice that is created to all potential 1982 transfers will have your Post home addressed included along with the form that allows for you to transfer them into you post if the form is returned.  In order for you to be able to transfer them into your post, the potential transferal has to sing the letter sent them to, this letter has the Post’s commander as the sender. 

For God & Country

Michael Costello, Morrison County Commander