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Sharon Thiemecke

We have all been experiencing trying times now for almost a year! Hoping we can get back to normal soon and hold our meetings in person again. We need to plan ahead for upcoming elections and how to proceed if we are still unable to meet. Many Units, our District and Department officers have remained in place for two years. The American Legion National level is working on a procedure should another National Convention be canceled when August rolls around for electing officers for 2020-2021. Only three Districts in Minnesota have not canceled their Mid-Winter Conference at the time of this writing. Hoping February we will be able to meet in person for our 6th District Mid-Winter Conference as it is a wonderful time for learning about our programs.

As we have come to the end of our 2020 membership year I thought it a good time to remind members of  a few American Legion Auxiliary years. First the Auxiliary year runs from the close of  Department to the close of the next Department Convention. When business for the year is complete then the newly elected officers are installed.  Next is the Auxiliary Fiscal year which runs from August 1st through July 31st each year. All levels of the Auxiliary need revenue to operate in the new fiscal year. Our membership drive begins in late July. Items that are payable at that time are our District assessments, bonding fee and Junior Conference dues. Speaking of membership, the membership year runs on the calendar year. We start the drive early to be sure that members will be current on January 1st and be eligible for their many benefits. The Auxiliary reporting year for Annual Reports runs from April 1st through March 31st. Again this past year has been different. We have had a 24 month year! Be sure to read your what chairmen are asking for in reports. I hope you saved information on a calendar or maybe your Unit has a notebook to record hours and dollars for our veterans, military and their families.

A Parliamentarian gives opinions only, at the Chair's request. A parliamentarian does not give rulings. The Chair makes the final ruling and has the right to follow or disregard the advice of the Parliamentarian.