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                          CHILDREN & YOUTH


  Hard to believe we are looking at October already. Kids are back in school and Halloween is right around the corner.  Just for fun I googled “Back to School Lists” just to see what new things are listed. Reader’s Digest had a list of essentials that every kid needs during a pandemic. This list included your hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, Kleenex, and masks, both disposable and cloth. But it went on to include pencils (no one wants ones that the teachers and everyone else may have touched) travel soap, personalized name labels, (helps avoid having your child’s things mixed up with someone else’s). Also included, travel size Kleenex, and hand lotion, (hand sanitizer is tough on young skin). As a Unit, maybe think about donating extra facemasks and hand sanitizer to the schools. They will most likely run out of those items rather quickly

      Halloween should be a little different this year. Will Trick or Treating be allowed? If it is, here are few safety tips to make the night fun, safe and exciting for the Tricksters.

  • Have one or both parents escort the littlest tricksters, middle age kids should go in groups; just make sure no one goes alone
  • Stay on lighted sidewalks or walkways, walk facing traffic, use crosswalks when available. Only cross streets at corners, never from between parked cars.
  • Make sure everyone is carrying a flashlight or glow stick
  • Tell the children to only stop at well-lit homes and to never go into a house no matter what the person at the door says.

                 You can find tips like these, plus more in a Halloween Safety Brochure that is sponsored by and available from The 

                       American Legion Family.

                                                         HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!


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