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Mid-Winter Finance Report 2020-2021

Madam President Roberta, members and guests

The Finance Committee members are Theresa Rudnicki, Cindy Goepferd and Chairman Norma Tramm

The duty of the Finance Committee is to audit the financial records of the District and suggest a balanced budget to the Executive Committee for approval

In August the finance committee met and prepared a budget which was voted on and passed by the District Executive Committee.  I noticed in the February District newsletter that 43 units have paid their District Assessment – THANK YOU!!  That leaves 30 units still unpaid for a total of $3094.  Please check to see that your unit has paid your assessment. 

We have a strong district and to keep us moving forward we need to encourage others to join in our mission.  Strong membership means a strong financial status.

This year with COVID it has been difficult for some units to meet in person. Other units have been creative and met using social media.  We encourage all units to prepare a budget to avoid problems when they are not able to meet and approve spending.  Units that have a budget passed by their members can continue their obligations without a monthly meeting. This is important in Minnesota every year as often the weather will prevent meetings in the winter. 

The Silent Auction at the District Convention is adding income for the district, so we encourage everyone to participate in this fun project.  Bring items or bid on items to help our District.  Watch for information in the spring newsletters.

Has your unit completed your 990 postcard.  This is extremely important and easy to accomplish.  It can be done in a few minutes, but if you become delinquent it will take many hours and lots of paper work to return your status.

Again please check the Assessment page to make sure your unit has paid their assessment.  Thank you.

Norma Tramm District Finance Chairman, Theresa Rudnicki and Cindy Goepferd Finance Committee Members.