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OK, how many read the  article on page 38 of The American Legion  magazine?  That is a great success story for shooting, as it shows how Jamie Beyerle began shooting BB guns and became an Olympic shooter!  Great effort and as mentioned before, shooting is an individual mental sport.  So it can be accomplished by anyone. It would be great if any Post in the 6th would be interested! There is a lot of information available and will gladly assist if interested.

As for another topic....In the Minnesota American Legion Foundation, Fund 87 is for Junior Shooting Sports!  How about donating to that Fund?  There is a lot of JSS activity ongoing within Minnesota  and any funds donated to that FUND will assist with the JSS program!   For those that didn't attend the MN Department Convention, Jared Sturgill (Dept JSS Chair) gave a great presentation along with a little "flick" of the JSS activity ongoing at the Anoka Post.  Also, Jared recently attended with the 2022 American Legion 3-Position Junior Air Rifle Championship held at Colorado Springs, CO!  There were two MN shooters that participated..they didn't win the big prize of $5,000 scholarship (one each for Sporter and Precision)...but shows the interest in MN!  The two winners will be at the National Convention.  So again, a good place to donate is with FUND 87....as know every Post has to donate from their gambling funds...so remember FUND 87!!


Mel Buesseler, 6th JSS Chair