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The Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation program promotes our mission to enhance the lives of veterans, military, and their families. Several ways to enhance the lives of our veterans includes the following opportunities:

  • Contact your VA hospital voluntary services office or hospital representative to inquire about becoming a regular VAVS volunteer.  With the covid 19 pandemic this past year, actually being able to do this was limited.  All VAVS hours should be entered into the tracking system and report any new ideas or concerns to the VAVS representative.
  • Contact the VA hospitals and/or veterans’ homes to find out if there are any needed items and arrange delivery.  
  • Assist veterans in accessing VA benefits. You should coordinate with your local American Legion Service Officer or local county service officer.
  •  As a unit, if you have quilters or members who sew, create quilts for Quilts Of Valor Foundation.
  • Assist in activities to help homeless veterans. If your American Legion has a local homeless veterans coordinator, offer to assist them in responding to requests from homeless veterans or homeless veteran service providers in your county.  Your unit can help with meals, clothing collections, buddy baskets as they are transitioning to permanent housing.
  • Adopt a homeless veteran or a veteran in the community and provide him or her with moral support, visits during holidays, birthdays and check in on them to show they aren’t forgotten.
  • Become familiar with up-to-date ALA Guide for Volunteers.
  • Support rehabilitation and healing of veterans through arts and crafts and hobbies such as VA Creative Arts Festivals.
  • Take part in job fairs for veterans.
  • Clip coupons for our troops, “TROOPONS” This is something that can benefit our troops overseas by clipping coupons you don’t use. These manufacturers (not specific to individual stores) can be clipped and separated into four different groups and placed in sandwich or quart sized bags that should be marked as food, non-food, baby, and pets.  Also separate expired coupons separately.  The coupons you clip can be used by commissaries/base stores worldwide.  There are details in full at https://supportourtroops.org/troopons.  Please share this information with your units.  
  • Hold special events for Veterans Day, Memorial Day and other holidays to honor the veterans who have given their all, those who served and those currently serving. 

Although many disruptions have been in place since the pandemic from last year, there are always creative ways to contribute to our Auxiliary programs to assist our veterans, military and their families.  Donating to programs such as the American Legion Auxiliary Hospital program, $5.00 Bill Shower ($10.00), Minnesota Fisher Houses, Gift Shops, Minnesota Creative Arts Festival, 

Remember to donate to the 6th District President Roberta’s Project To help furnish the new mental health wing at the St. Cloud VA hopes to raise money to supply the wing with cell phone charging stations, some ipads stations with ipads for children, hot soup dispensers for meeting sessions, furniture, etc.  Our Honorary 6th District Jr Auxiliary President Chloe is raising funds to purchase tablets for the veterans at the St. Cloud VA so they can keep in touch with their families and loved ones.

Be sure to document dollars spent on projects for veterans, and families as well as the number of hours volunteered for the different programs to be reported on the annual reports.

Thank you all for what you do for our veterans, military and their families.

Carol Santone-Royal

6th District Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Chairperson