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Greetings from the Junior Auxiliary!  It has been a long year for everyone our Juniors included.  We finally got a sense of normalcy back with a District conference call and the Department Junior Conference held at St Augusta April 9th & 10th.  Thank you to St. Augusta for all your work in hosting such a great even for the Juniors of our state!  You did a great job!

Honorary 6th District Junior President Chloe and the other 6th District Juniors made us very proud.

Honorary President Chloe's project of collecting funds to purchase tablets for the St Cloud VA Veterans to be able to communicate with their families has been well received.  So far 5 Samsung Galaxy tablets have been purchased.  She will continue collecting funds in the upcoming year.  Please send donations to 6th District Secretary/Treasurer Shelly earmarked 6th District Junior President's project. 


For God and Country,

Abby Zenzen, Junior Activities Chairman