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Richard Cross

6th District Adjutant

10491 Alcott Dr | Sauk Centre, MN 56378

763-370-7882  |  rec94990@gmail.com


Hi legion family

Again, I am talking about the importance of the consolidated report: this is how the legion calculates what the posts, and district departments are doing to help the veterans and veterans’ families. This is the information that is presented to the U.S. Congress when the National American Legion is working with the government. Remember, we still have time left this year to work for the veterans, so let’s get all those annoying reports in on time. Upcoming events for March: March 12th Appreciation Rally Forest Lake post. 6th DIST. ALR Dist. Meeting March 19 Park Rapids Park Rapids post, March 20 6th Dist. E-board at Backus post.

Richard Cross

6th Dist Adjutant

God Bless the Veteran

Richard Cross Sr.

6th District Adjutant




6th. District Midwinter Conference, January 29, 2022

Sauk Centre American Legion Post 67


Commander Lucas opened the Conference at 8:30AM with a salute to the flag of our nation by Sgt. At Arms Tom Skuza, and the Sauk Centre Honor Guard, the pledge of Allegiance by 6th Dist. Membership Director Karen O Bar. Next was a Prayer by Chaplin Frank Grittner, and Preamble and placement of the P.O.W. flag.

Commander Lucas introduced the Past Department Commanders, alternat NEC Peggy Moon And 6th and 9th Dept. Vice Commander Dr. Carl Moon.

The Sauk Centre Commander Post 67 gave welcome

Candidates for offices:

Jennifer Havlick for Department Commander 2022-2023

Gary Lee Davenport for Department Commander 2022-2023

Karen O Bar for 6th District Commander 2022-2023

Frank Grittner for 6th District Chaplin 2022-2023

The Adjutant called the post roster and District Officers Roster there was a quorum.


Commanders Comments:

Commander Lucas Spoke on delivering membership, Communication, Legionville and need for girl’s fast pitch softball chairman, commanders project Wounded Warriors -Emily Fund topping out at $30,790.00 donation.



Vice Commanders: Ken Johnstone and Robert Albright

Spoke of the events in their areas and gave membership counts

County Counsel Commanders:  Anthony Koop, Bud Stimmler

Spoke of the events in their areas and gave membership counts


Alt. NEC: Peggy Moon

Spoke on the Vets Day on the hill and what it is and what it Does for the Veteran’s.

6th and 9th Department Vice Commander/ 6th Dist. Legionville committee representative: Dr. Carl Moon

Spoke on the importance of the 6th and 9th zoom meetings to improve communication, Legionville and what is needed to keep the camp running and the dates for the Legionville School, June 12 to Aug. 6, 2022. Girls fast pitch softball status and the need for a chairman for the 6th District.

Department Minnesota Membership, Paul Hassing

Spoke on how to recruit members by talking to them on how the Legion can work for them and the buddy system.

Membership 6th Dist:  Karen O Bar

6th District membership losses and additions and what is expected to make the current percentages.

6th Dist. Adjutant: Rick Cross

Spoke on upcoming events dates for the Department and 6th District and to ensure the new officer list copy for 2022-2023 are sent to the Adjutant

6th District Media/Web page/ Past Commander:  Paul Edwards

Spoke on why the legion needs a Web page, Communication, Legion education, Mentorship and what it takes to get the younger members. Needs newsletters from the posts for the 6th Dist. Web page.

Veteran’s Service Officer: Cory Veske

Spoke on what is new at the V.A. and the operations of the V.A.


6th District Finance: Ken Meyer, At mid-winter I gave the finance report as follows:


Wells Fargo Checking                $16,791.45

Wells Fargo Savings                   $24,527.86

American National CD                $96,001.44

Total of all Accounts                $137,320.75


Total Income for the year                $19,497.00

Total Expenses year to date            $12,452.69


Boys State:

Boys State information should be out very soon from Department.  It will be held at St. John’s University June 12-18.  The cost per student is $310.00.


6th District Judge Advocate: Lloyd Rictor

Spoke on why the Legion has a Mid-winter

(Afternoon joint session)

Open Conference including the Auxiliary,

S.A.L. and Legion.


Commander Lucas opens the conference Auxiliary Chaplin Shirley Frederick opening prayer and salute to the Colors. Commander Lucas Introduces the 6th Dist. President Bev Grose spoke of $5000.00 donated to the stand down and welcomes the Department President Patti Coleman who spoke on the Auxiliary units and Chairmanships and the American Legion Family and changing times and modernizing of the Family. The Sons of the American Legion Commander Bob Foss Who reported on the 6th Dist. S.A.L. membership. Abby Zenzen talked about the Veterans crises hot line and the suicide problem and donations for the Wooden Hart foundation (501c) that gives bed furniture to needy Vets. Mid-winter guest speaker Bill Barbaneck talked about Membership and why people are asked to join the legion family and to communicate with your state representative and Congressman about the legion projects, selective service, suicide of Vets, Legionville, V.A. Hospitals.


The Jr. Auxiliary President Chloe Dragons Project St. Cloud VA/ Home, purchasing I Pads (14) and Notebooks for the residents she raised over $4000.00 for her project.


Commander Lucas closed the Mid-winter Conference at 3pm.




When your posts send into Department the Post Officers Report for 2022-2023 using the new computer system, send the District Adjutant or Vice Commander a copy of the report. The information the Adjutant will need to fill out, the Post, Commander, Adjutant and Membership and date and time of the Legion meetings to add to the August 2022 6th District Newsletter. If this information is not sent or given to a vice commander, the incorrect information will be placed in the August newsletter. The Department Does not send the 6th District Adjutant any Officers report information for two to three Months, which is too late to place in the newsletter and will not be changed at that time.

Richard Cross Sr.

6th. District Adjutant