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Susan Edwards

6th District Historian

16263 Miles Circle | Brainerd MN 56401

 206-459-7070  |  madcowmama@charter.net

Greetings Legion Family from the Mid-winter conference in Sauk Center.  We have a good group today, but we could encourage more of our posts to participate.  We need every veteran to come and learn what is going on in the district and see if they have a talent that we can use.  Our mission is so important, we are the boots on the ground. 

This month in History there are many tidbits.  Here are some highlights:

February 1st, 1942, Marshall-Gilbert raids on Japan from the Naval aircraft carriers.  1943 – The most decorated unit of the war, 442nd regiment, was authorized made up entirely of Japanese American troops.  1958 – Elvis records his last record before being inducted into the US army. February 4th, 1959 – The keel was laid for the USS Enterprise.  February 7th, 1942 – The Federal government ordered passenger car production halted and converted to wartime production. 1962 – President Kennedy began the naval blockade of Cuba. James Gardener was awarded the congressional medal of honor. February 14th, 1944 – American and New Zealand forces land on the Green Islands.  1951 – William Sitman was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.  February 18th, 1942 – War Relocation act forced people of Japanese descent into custody camps till the end of the war.  1951 – Seoul South Korea was again in UN hands.  1974 – US Navy was sent to sweep mines from the Suez Canal.  February 20th – 1944, Norwegian freedom fighters sink a ferry of heavy water bound for Nazi nuclear programs.   1956, the United States Merchant Marine academy becomes a permanent military academy.   February 28th – 1951 – the last communist resistance south of the Han River collapsed.  1974 – The United States and Egypt re-established diplomatic relations. 1995 – US Marines swept ashore in Somalia to protect retreating UN Peacekeepers.  Matthew Leonard was awarded the congressional Medal of honor. 

Unfortunately, the Oratorical contest had no participants this year.  This means that even if one student showed up, they would have taken home first place and gotten scholarship money.  I am already scouting and mentoring a student for next year, and we will show up ready to compete.  This is such a great program; it would be a tragedy if it got stuck or ended.  This is a potential for a student to win $40,000 on the national level.  We should be not only stressing this at the schools but contacting the home school people.

The Mid-winter gave a lot of good information on Suicide prevention, Fast pitch softball, finance, and many other legion programs.  The details are in the adjutant’s minutes.  The event was live streamed thanks to Theresa Ash and Jennifer Havlick.  We are looking for a person to take over the streaming of district events so more folks can participate online.  Membership totals were given. The tenth and nineth districts were also live streamed on Facebook messenger and the web site.