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It seems redundant to copy information here when there is so much out there on the web at different sites. Here are a couple of links to national, department and district information.

National American Legion information.                                     https://www.legion.org/riders

Department of Minnesota Legion Riders                                   http://www.mnalr.org/home.php

Sixth District of Minnesota Legion Riders Facebook page            https://www.facebook.com/groups/302597553530989/?ref=bookmarks    


Current 6th District Legion Rider Officers

District Director          Bob Nelson       Zimmerman     bn39oldsmobile@gmail.com

Asst Director - South   Rich Briggs       Zimmerman     cplbriggsusmc@hotmail.com

Asst Director - North    Open

Secretary                   Ruth Francis      Brainerd         rlklansky@gmail.com


District Legion Liaison Officer    Leslie Kruft   Park Rapids           lkruft212@yahoo.com


On page 2 is a letter of introduction from Leslie

On page 3 is a listing of all the ALR chapters in the 6th District.


Sixth District Legion Riders Report for October 2020

Greetings to the Sixth District Legion Family, especially the Riders in the District,

Since Bob Nelson, the District ALR Director and Leslie Kruft, the District ALR Liaison Officer were unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts, I had the privilege of representing the Legion Riders of the Sixth District at the MNALR business meeting on Saturday at the Riders Romp at Legionville.

One of the things that came up is how to make out checks when donating to the Minnesota Legacy Run. Some folks write the checks to The American Legion, some to Legacy Run, others to Legion Riders. The only correct pay to information is AMERICAN LEGION FOUNDATION FUND 84. Please pass this on to all parts of the American Legion Family and those outside organizations and business who might want to support the Legacy Run.

While the American Legion Riders are still the newest and fastest growing part of the Legion Family, we need to keep on recruiting to get even larger and more active. It is a never-ending cycle – more members – more chapters – more activities – more visibility – more interest – more members. I committed the 6th District to make sure that we will have an ALR recruiting table at our conventions. I charge the 6DALR leaders and members to be at the convention to work the recruiting table. I will work with you to make sure that you have flyers and brochures available.

Department ALR Director Paul Hassing presented a resolution that came down from the National Executive Committee. If you remember ALR history, resolutions #35 and #32 brought us into existence at the national level. The new resolution seeks to supersede those two and combine them into one. One of the stipulations in the new resolution that brought on some discussion is the requirement that leadership of the chapters should be designated as Director or Chairman and not as Commander or President. The reasons given are that Commander refers to either The American Legion or the Sons of the American Legion and President is the title given to the leader of the American Legion Auxiliary. Further, in many motorcycle clubs the leader of the group is designated President. It remains an aim of the ALR that we are distinct from a motorcycle club. Since some chapters in the Department of Minnesota have designated their chief officer to be President in their constitution and by-laws, a motion was made and passed to support the national resolution with the exception that those chapters whose guiding documents predate the resolution will be allowed to continue to use that designation.

Department of Minnesota Legion Rider website - http://www.mnalr.org/home.php

Department of Minnesota Legion Rider Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/groups/MNALR

6th District Legion Rider Facebook page -  https://www.facebook.com/groups/302597553530989/

Keep the Shiny Side up.


Submitted by Paul Edwards – Sixth District Commander






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