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Support for the Boy Scout movement came at The American Legion's first National Convention in 1919. Today, there are more than 2,500 Boy Scout units sponsored by Legion Posts throughout the country.

Supporting Boy Scout activities is natural for Legionnaires, who bring their service-learned skills and experiences as Veterans to bear to help build character and positive traits in "Young America." Few other Post activities generate more goodwill from the community


  As your Boy Scout Chairman and as a District Executive for Central Minnesota Council wearing these two hats brings a unique perspective to the mix. Working with Scouts and leaders daily I see the challenges they face through this pandemic and I hear about the struggles they have and the help they need. For several of our units in my Council their biggest struggle comes in being able to find a place to meet. For many they used to meet at the local school or a church but because those places have closed their doors to outside groups, they are no longer able to meet, or they have been forced to meet online. The American Legion charters over 2400 Scouting units, locally we have many of the post in our district that charter Scouting units and I hope we are supporting and ensuring they are meeting. As a Scout Dad I know the importance of young people being able to interact face-to-face and for a while Scouting was one of the only ways some of these young people were able to do so. 

     Scouting numbers are down not just in Central Minnesota Council and Voyageurs Area Council, which covers most of our district, but the numbers are down nation-wide. We can help. We can financially support both of those Councils through their Friends of Scouting campaigns, but we can also help them recruit. If you charter a pack or a troop, please check in on those leaders and ensure you are trained to help. As be a merit badge councilor for the Scouts BSA members, it will help them, and it will be rewarding for you. 

     Please also note that the bankruptcy the BSA is currently working through does not affect our local councils, therefore, when you support the local Council your money is not going to pay off settlements or lawyers it is helping our local Scouts. 

Kenneth Toole