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6th District Staff Needs

In every issue of the district newsletter since the first of the year, we have published endorsements from the individual posts for office at the District, Department or National levels. With the passage of resolutions at every level to cancel conventions and extend officer terms until the next convention where elections may be held, those endorsements are moot.

The extension of the terms of office is not mandatory, but gives the person holding the position the opportunity to continue to serve or ask to be relieved and replaced.

As of April 20, 2020, these are the 6th District staff positions that I am aware that need to be filled. This list may change as more people decide they want to stay or step down, depending on their individual circumstances.

District Historian (Executive Board position)

Boys State Chairman

District Rehabilitation Advisor

The most important asset you can have for any of these positions is a willingness to serve and to learn the job. Many folks have held the positions in the past and realize how important they are to the District who will be more than willing to mentor you.