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Commander Karen O Bar has called a 6th. District Mid-winter.  For distribution of information and  reports  of legion operations. The Date is Feb. 11, 2023.  at the Ironton American post ,Ironton, Mn.

Registration was in the 6th Dist. Newsletter and on the 6th Dist. Web page.

6th. Dist. Commander

       Karen O` Bar


Why should you go to Legion College?

While I was serving as District Commander, the three things I pushed were Communication, Education and Mentorship. This newsletter, the 6th District website, and the 6th District Facebook page are part of the communication effort.

This article is in reference to the Education part.

There are some folks that believe that the American Legion begins and ends at the door of their Legion Post. One of the first things you will learn when you start your education journey is that there is much more to the American Legion than just that place down the street where the old guys sit and drink and talk about who they used to be.

The first step is the On-line Basic Training Course. In it you will learn the who, what, when and how the American Legion was founded. You will learn that the very first National Convention was held right here in our state of Minnesota. You will learn about some of the programs of the American Legion and will hear from some folks whom these programs have affected. You will probably be surprised at some of the well known folks who are past Boy’s State and Boy’s Nation attendees.

The next step is Legion College. While the Basic Training Course is to help you become a well rounded and knowledgeable Legionnaire, Legion College is more geared towards developing Legion Leaders. You will learn about conflict resolution, resolution writing, legal aspects of Legion leadership and much more. Attendees at the April session at Camp Ripley will have the opportunity to meet the National Commander. Perhaps the most important part of Legion College is being able to meet and interact with Legion folks from other parts of the state.

I encourage you to take the next step on your Legion Education Journey.


Department of Minnesota Legion College - https://mnlegion.org/legion-college/

American Legion Basic Training - https://www.legion.org/alei


District Auxiliary President Bev Gross, District Commander Karen O'Bar and District Sons of the American Legion Commander Robert Foss


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