Department of Minnesota, 6th District



                              PARK RAPIDS POST,  OCT.  2, 2022

  The Executive board was opened by Commander O` Bar with a prayer and respect to the flag.

Special Guests: Department Commander Jennifer Havlick, Alt. NEC Peggy Moon and Past Dept. Commander Tom Fernlund

Park Rapids Post Commander gave greetings from their post

Motion to not read last e-board notes motion by Paul Edwards  2D by  Frank Grittner  (passed)

Motion to Indorse Peggy Moon for Alt. NEC  2023-2025  motion by Frank Grittner  2d by  ken Meyer     (passed)

Motion to buy uses media equipment from the Mn. Department for $350.00 for the 6th District    Motion by Anthony Koop  2d  by  Dr. Carl Moon   (passed)

Motion to Nominate Lloyd Ricker for the position of National Vice Commander Motion by Ken Meyer  2d by Anthony Koop   (passed)

Motion to replace the District Vice Commander West because of health problems with Mike Van Heel effective Oct. 2, 2022   Motion by  Frank Grittner  2d by Jim Lucas    (passed)

Motion to accept the dist. Finance report and projected budget   Motion by  Tom Skuza  2d by Dr. Carl Moon  (passed)

Mn. Department Commander Talked about funding, post membership,  Dept. Training teams and  Zoom meetings to lower the cost for the Department.

ALT. NEC talked   about how to help Veterans in time of need


Officers Reports: 

Vice Cmd.  North Robert Albrecht  , Membership is doing well

Vice Cmd. South  Jeff Thompson,  Communication with posts, Membership

Vice Cmd. East Dewayne Collins, Legionville fish fry report, membership

Vice Cmd. West , no report

Dist. Chaplin Frank Grittner, need to get death reports into him, better communication

Finance Report Ken Meyer,  finance update

Jodge Advocate Lloyd Ricker, constitution and by-laws, posts need to write resolutions

Historian Sue Edwards,  6th Dist. Commanders schedule, past and upcoming

Oratorical/ past Cmd. Jim Lucas, requested help for oratorical, Dist. Date  Jan. 14, 2023, Dept. Date   Feb. 25,2023

Membership Dr. Carl Moon, membership update and program

C.C. Cmd.

Anthony Koop, Membership,upcoming midwinter meeting

Bud Stimmler,  Membership update

Nathan Smith,  help for the disaster in Florida,  membership

 Chairmen reports:

Americanism Bud Stimmler,  training at the fall conference

Baseball  Wes Thompson, have 38 teams, upcoming baseball directors meeting

Boys State Murray Bright,  boys state attendance is down and the posts  need to communicate with the local schools to increase attendance

Employment Dennis Schiffler,  award winner Rock on trucks 2022

Energy Conservation Gene Hesse, use of solar panels

National Security   Pat Wolney  , Posts visiting National Guard Armories

Post development Ken Johnstone,  Cass Lake  post needs help with membership

Msdia Communications Paul Edwards,  Send in 6th Dist. Newsletter Articles by the 15 of the month, if you don’t want a hard copy oif the newsletter send him your e-mail to get it in your e-mail, share letter with other people that don’t get it

VA Rep St. Cloud Ken Johnstone,  VA still requires masking, Flue shots are given at the VA,

Time and place Ken Johnstone, update on up coming Dept. rallies and events for Dept. and Dist.

JR Shooting Posts Mel Buessler,  Xman shoot at Richfield, Range coches training at Anoka, add trap and skeet shooting to legion program

Awards Jim Blakesley need names from the posts for awards

Commanders Karens Comments, talked of her projects, Delta dogs, Guitars for veterans, Membership

Old Business, none

New business, as stated above

Commander O` Bar adjourned the Executive Board with a prayer and respect to the flag


Richard Cross

Adjutant 6th Dist.