Department of Minnesota, 6th District

            Dr. Carl R. Moon, 6th District Membership Director

                           11220 Wild Rose Trail NW; Walker MN. 56484

                             320-761-6962; crmoonidoc@yahoo.com

Congratulations! With one week to go for the 80% goal we are at 85.12% and although we are still in second place; the Second District remains in first, but they are only at 85.24%.

Seven of our eight County Councils are over the 80% goal with West Stearns, Morrison, Cass/Hubbard, Todd/Wadena and East Stearns already over the February 85% goal. All Sub Districts are over the 80% goal with the West, East and South being over the February 85% goal.

Currently there are 54 Posts over the 80% goal. Of these 38 Post are over the 85% goal with 16 already over 90%. Clear Lake and Akeley are at 100% with Sobieski at 111.36%. Unfortunately, that leaves 15 Post that are still below the 80% January goal. 5 only need 1 or2 more members to reach goal, 6 need between 3 & 5, 3 need 6, and 1 needs 10. I am hoping that at least half of these will be at goal by January 19.

I plan on waiting until after we get the final 80% goal numbers on the 19th to determine when and where a revitalization would be most productive and beneficial.

Again, thank you to everyone for all your hard work. Great job done but please do your best to keep up the good pace.

Greetings Big Sixth! 

Well, we are still in Second Place, but not by much.  We picked up 172 memberships total.  Many of our Posts are at the 80% mark (January 19), but then we need 85% by February 15.  As a District we are already at 85.12%.  The 6th & 9th did jump into 2nd place for our Dept. Vice Commander. 

Here are the standings within the state:

  1. 2nd District     85.24%
  2. 6th District      85.12%
  3. 1st District      84.97%
  4. 7th District      83.98%
  5. 4th District      83.70%
  6. 8th District      83.62%
  7. 3rd District      82.72%
  8. 9th District      81.17%
  9. 10th District    81.07%
  10. 5th District      71.36%

When it’s broken down into the Dept. Vice Commander Districts: 

First Place:         2nd & 7th           82.47%

Second Place:     6th & 9th            82.03%

Third Place:        1st & 3rd            81.97%

Fourth Place:      8th & 10th          79.87%

Fifth Place:         4th & 5th            71.13% 

Keep working those numbers!  We are doing pretty good, but can’t relax now.  May God Bless! Ken