Department of Minnesota, 6th District


West Sub 6th District

Hello all fellow Legionnaires.

Back in June the membership packets were picked up for the Sub districts.

I had very little problems delivering the packets to your posts and for that I am thankful.

It doesn't stop here folks. I need you to continue turning in your memberships and all reports you receive throughout the year.

I do understand that a lot of the West Sub posts may only have 1 person maintaining your posts records and this causes more stress upon that 1 person.

Also, I think this would be a good time to find your Post Bylaws and go over them again to make sure all business is done legally within the Legion.

I have been invited to Little Sauk Legion Post 417 meeting in August. Please be aware that any of the West Sub posts can ask for a 6th district representative to come to any of your post meetings.

We are here to help you all in any way we can. Do not wait until it may be too late.

We all belong to the American Legion family and I hope we can be one of the top Sub Districts in the 6th District.

Karen O'Bar

Vice Commander, West Sub

6th District


American Legion, North Sub-Sub

2020-2021 Membership Year

August Newsletter

Hello American Legion North – Sub, I am writing this report for our new Vice Cmdr. Ashley Yoder who is now deployed doing her Guard Duty. Ashley is a young lady from the Walker Post 134, in Walker, Minnesota. She has done many different jobs in the National Guard. She is currently a Staff Sargent and has served 12 years so far in the Guard.

Well on June 25th I picked up the membership for the North – Sub District. I set appointments for all Posts in the Sub District. On the 27 June Ashley and myself left Walker, MN at 8:30 am and was back in Walker, MN. By 5:30 Pm. On the 28th we finished up the last 6 posts and was done by 5:30 that night and was the first Sub – District off Goose Egg. We would like to Thank all posts for their cooperation for us to achieve our Goal. So, Thank You again.

The Commander has sent out an E – Mail on things that would be good for all the Posts to do if they can, like the educational opportunities to improve their knowledge of the American Legion.

  1. Legion Basic Training – Great for the younger people in your Posts and a great refresher course for the older members.
  2. Mylegion.org training – I am going to take this course so my Post will have the best knowledge on what we can do in membership to be on the cutting edge and grow bigger.
  3. Classes for Adjutants and New Incoming Commanders are all available thru Department and District websites
  4. For all members, there is going to be courses for American Legion College. There has been a staff of individuals who has graduated the course at National American Legion in Indianapolis, Ind. This will get more Individuals ready for the National Course. It will also be a great opportunity to learn and grow in the American Legion to keep our Post viable in the future.


So, remember Membership is the most important thing we have as a post. We need to Recruit, Retain, and Resign all members in our posts. You also must remember for the members that went to Post Everlasting we need to find one for each of them, so our Posts grow.

Do not forget we will be having all the other programs in the American Legion.

Now this will be the same as years past we will be calling all posts 2 to 3 weeks before all Rallies so that you can take your time and get those memberships in. We want to have a great showing this year and make Ashley Yoder the Vice Commander of the year. Again, I’m sorry Ashley didn’t write this but Country before us.

Remember for all the men and women serving our Great Country, Come home safe and sound. Keep all these men and women in Your prayers

Thank You, Jim Lucas, for Vice Commander Ashley A. Yoder


Greetings to the Sixth District For those of you that don't no me my name is Ken Johnstone I am the Sixth District Vice Commander for the South Sub area for the American Legion, my goal for the year is to visit all the post in my area including your County Council need in my area and to help with you with any questions or concerns you my have for that is part of the dudes of a district officers and will be glad to help out your post where possible if I can't i well get you to someone who can for the District is here for you. I have already visited a couple of post and county council in my area and will be calling your post adj. in advance on when I would like to visit your post meeting. Whenever your post has a special event going on and you would like me to attend I would be honored to do just Email me at grandpajohnstone@gmail.com or call (320)230-0861 and leave a message. At this time, I would like to thank all the post in my area for getting off the goose egg great job a


Kenneth Johnstone