Department of Minnesota, 6th District

Rob Albrecht

6th District North Sub Vice Commander

218-675-5211  |  ralbrecht@tds.net


Greetings from the North Sub-

  The Camp-O-Ree, Harvest Rally, 911, ALR Romp and the 50% membership target date are past. All went well. North Sub had four posts short of target and one at goal. Some low numbers may be due to late turn in and slow processing when sent by mail.

  Congratulations to all posts in the District for their accomplishments. However our work is not complete, there are still eligible Veterans to contact and bring into the Legion Family as well as renewal of our present membership.

  Fall Conference is Oct. 27th-28th with training sessions for all.  Veterans Day is fast approaching along with other fall events at various posts. Keep working to move your post forward with new ideas and new members.

  Questions or if I can help contact me.