Department of Minnesota, 6th District

Rob Albrecht

6th District North Sub Vice Commander

218-675-5211  |  ralbrecht@tds.net

     Greetings Sixth District-

    Here we are the middle of January and over 20 degrees outside as I write this.  Minnesota weather and membership are very similar, unpredictable at best. All four Sub Districts in the 6th are in the 80 % range. They vary from 83 %  to 85.5 %

    The North Sub has one post at goal and four Posts’ with in three memberships of 100 %.  All Posts except four of our thirteen are over 80 %. Cass Lake Post # 284 has been put back on the road to recovery due to the dedication of a couple membership individuals and some of the members of the Post. They have come from 23% and holding to 70% and still working.  Thanks to everyone involved.

     We need to check on the members marked undeliverable. Get address, e-mail and phone number changes corrected, don’t let your members slip away. It may have been only a one time occurrence that marked them as undeliverable, but it could cost you a member. 

      Elections will be coming soon. Start building interest, find some good eligible and dedicated candidates that will help move your post forward. They will help draw in new members and new ideas.

      Stay safe and well!  ( Keep  our  Veterans and Service Members in your thoughts and prayers.)