Department of Minnesota, 6th District

                                                           Nathan Smith

                                  West Stearns County Council Commander

                           (737) 219-9681 / BoilerRoomStuidios@outlook.com

Commander Nathan Smith called the November 17, 2022 organizational meeting of the County

Council to order at 7:00; at the Sauk Centre Post.

Roll call of Post:  Sauk Centre-1, Melrose-4, Paynesville-1, Brooten-1, Albany-0, Lake Henry-0

(Excused due to Post meeting night).

Guest:  Karen O’Bar, District Commander, Jeff Thompson, South Sub Vice Commander, Mike

Van Heel, West Sub Vice Commander, Carl R. Moon, District Membership Director, and Lloyd

Ricker, District Judge Advocate.


                       County Council History: Last meeting was held about 6 years ago. The Council

                       previously met quarterly. The Council has about $235.00 remaining in a savings

                       account.  Previous dues, per Posts, were $20.00 annually.

                       Approved Recommendations: The Council will meet on the 3rd Wednesday 4

                       times a year. For the 2022-2023 year, the following Posts have agreed to host the

                       Council meeting; November 2022: Sauk Centre; March 2023: Melrose; June 2023:

                       Summer Social gathering; September 2023: Brooten.

                       Annual Post dues will remain at $20.00.

                        Agenda and Topics for Next Meeting:  Election of Officers. Adjutant, Chaplain,

                        and Sgt. At Arms. Speakers and presentations for future meetings. To have or not

                        have a lite meal provided by the hosting Post

Commander Smith expressed how grateful he was for everyone’s attendance and participation in getting the County Council active again.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:00

Respectfully Submitted,

Carl R. Moon,

Acting Adjutant