Department of Minnesota, 6th District


Rosie Court ~ 6th District Americanism Chairman

20779 Drumflower Road ~ Richmond, MN  56368 ~ (320) 597-3160 ~ rcourt@meltel.net

The American Legion Americanism program has the purpose to promote patriotism and responsible citizenship by its members all year long. The essentials of the Americanism program are “to inspire, recognize, and perpetuate responsible citizenship through education and acts of patriotism in order to raise awareness and increase appreciation of the price paid for our fundamental freedoms.

October 13th marks the birthday of the U.S. Navy which traces its roots having a rich history that goes back to early days of the American Revolution. On 10/13/1770 the Continental Congress established a Navy force with the hope that a small fleet of privateers could alter British commerce and offset the British sea power. There are firsts with the U.S. Navy including:  the first use of a submarine in 1898, first use of modern battleships in 1908 (the USS Maine,) first use of naval aircraft in 1911, first use of an aircraft carrier in 1910 where they could fly the aircraft off a deck  and the first use of a Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat used by the Navy Seals in 1992.The USN is currently the largest most powerful navy in the world with the highest combined battle fleet tonnage in service. Navy personnel have protected our shores and defended our freedom. It has 340,000 active personnel and more than 71,000 in the Navy Reserve. We remember, recognize, and honor the navy personnel whose bravery and sacrifices that have served and continue to serve in U.S. Navy.

October 22 – National Day of Deployment observes and honors those who are deployed by saying “Thank You” to all personnel serving outside the U.S. as well as their families, who keep things going at home in their absence. There are many ways to help and support those families and loved ones at home. Take them grocery shopping, to appointments or run errands for them.  For those deployed, send care packages. Visit “Support Our Troops” to find out where to send a care package worldwide. Display a yellow ribbon to show they are not forgotten or donate to a military organization. Post on social media family members that are serving overseas encouraging others to support our deployed troops as well. Our men and women serving overseas are sacrificing their own freedoms as they serve to protect the U.S. and our allies. They need to know we recognize, remember, appreciate and support their service to our country. Any act of kindness shows them are remembered and that we continue to support their families at home.