Department of Minnesota, 6th District



Taking care of our Veterans, Military and their Families should be a main focus of every member. Our Veterans and Rehabilitation Program is a cornerstone of our Organization.  There are many ways we can make a difference in the lives of our Veterans. Please try

to include the Junior members in your activities whenever possible. Adopt a Veteran or a deployed Military family. Baking, cooking meals, visits, making and sending cards, giving gifts for special occasions, helping with chores, shopping, rides to church and appointments, helping out a caregiver out so they can enjoy some free time are all ways to say, “I remember you and I thank you”. Put yourself in their shoes and you can understand how welcome your courtesies could be. Check with the VA. Check their needs list. Some members could sew as there is always a need for something. New clothing is always needed, again check with the VA first.

If any of you are able you could help with Minnesota Stand Down and/or Quilts of Valor. Most of our members are unable to volunteer at the Serviceman's Center. Maybe your unit could a monetary donation to help out. Helping with fishing or hunting outings for our Veterans, dinners at your post home and many other activities are service to our Veterans. The American Legion Auxiliary is still collecting Commemorative stamp and picture post cards. Ask at the post office to check out the commemorative stamps and pick some stamps that are bright and colorful. Ask friends and relatives to save stamps and postcards for our program. Send them to the Department office. When filling out annual reports please include pictures and newspaper articles. If you have videos send them to the Department Chairperson. Report all your hours. Again, PLEASE include the Junior members and record their hours also.


LuAnn Marschel