Department of Minnesota, 6th District

The instruction at the college is geared toward helping to prepare members of the American Legion for leadership in the organization. We delve into history, problem solving, programs and issues affecting posts. We teach how to write resolutions and how they are processed. Some of the resolutions written by students have gone on and are now part of district and department by-laws. Several graduates of the Minnesota American Legion College are now serving as district and department officers.

The cost for the college session is $200.00 per student and includes all educational materials.

I encourage Commanders to look at the people in your Post to find folks you feel might serve your Post in the future and encourage them to apply. Since an educated Legionnaire is more valuable to your Post, you might consider asking the post to pay for their attendance.

The next college session is at Camp Ripley on April 21 through 24. The on-line application is available at Minnesota Legion College – The American Legion Department of Minnesota (mnlegion.org)