Department of Minnesota, 6th District


Legion Education is an ongoing push, and the opportunities are growing all the time. The first step is to complete Legion Basic Training. This is an on-line course that provides a lot of information for a new Legionnaire and a few old ones. The course includes history, organization, information about programs and the meaning of our Legion emblem.

Since we are aware that some folks will not, under any circumstances own a computer and will never look at an on-line class, there is the possibility of an instructor coming to your post and conducting an in person Basic Training. The in-person will not qualify folks to attend either the Department or National Legion Colleges, but it does provide the basic knowledge. If Commanders have people in this category, contact the Department Training Committee and we can set up the training.


Legionnaires wanting to attend either the Minnesota American Legion College or the National College must first go on-line to take the on-line Basic Training. This course is free and can be found here: Training | The American Legion