Department of Minnesota, 6th District

Randy Tesdahl – VA&R Chairman

Randy Tesdahl – VA&R Chairman

Oct. 12, 2022


Hello 6th District!  Randy Tesdahl your District Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation (VA&R) Chair.  Well, another month has come and gone since we last chatted. 

I think last month I shared a little about the different elements within the Federal VA...  VA Medical Systems and CBOCs (Provide medical services). VBA or VA Regional Offices (Provide benefits services).  And VA Cemeteries (Providing Cemetery services).  And the Vet Centers (Providing mental health services).

On the State VA side of the house, we have: The Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs (MNDVA).  MNDVA provides   claims representation, veteran assistance programs for various areas of need for veterans in various situations. Such as but not limited to Eyeglasses, Dental, and some housing needs.  MNDCVA programs are need based and require the veteran meet certain financial/income guidelines.  MNDVA provides grants to the Veterans Service Organizations at the HQ level to help them provide their agency additional funds to operate their claims offices and their Rehab programs.  MNDVA oversees Veteran’s Bonus programs, the Minnesota Veterans Homes, and the Minnesota Veterans Cemeteries.

Just what or who is MACV?  The Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans is focused to assist veterans in House and Some Employment needs…More on Employment later.  MACV works with other government agencies the Veteran Service Organizations, and MNDVA to find veterans with housing challenges. They really are Minnesota’s “go to” for any and all veterans’ housings needs. They provide food and shelter to veterans in need. 

Just who and What is V4V?  V4V is a organization that is overseen by The American Legion, The VFW, The DAV, and The Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH). It is operated thru the Interest earnings for the $6M sale of Big Island at Lake Minnetonka.  They provide grants to groups that need a little boost in getting started in providing a service to veterans in the state of Minnesota.

Who or What is The Eagles Healing Nest?  The Nest as it is referred to is housing campus in the St Cloud area that provides food, basic clothing, and shelter to veterans in need.  It is maintained by the veterans that stay there and operates from donated dollars.  They provide some awesome services. 

Who are CVSOs and what do they do? CVSOs are County Veteran Services Officers.  They area duty experts on any and ALL veterans’ programs. They maintain connections with all the above agencies and groups.  They are the go-to for Military records and who you need to file your DD-214 with. They are the ones that will be your starting point in filing a veterans disability claim.  They are trained professionals and all services provided are free.  They are county Employees and are there to serve you the veterans of the community.

Magnus Veterans Foundation…..Who are they? What are they?   Magnus as it is referred to is a facility in Dayton Mn located on several acres of beautifully maintained gardens, a pond and fountains on the shores of Diamond Lake. Dr. Shawn Alderman a 30 Yr. Combat medic.  Is the President and CEO. Shawn’s Aunt left the grounds and buildings to him.  Shawn is a full time MD. With Fairview Health System and he has Volunteer Doctors and Nurses that provide general medical services to veterans and their family members free of charge. There are also fully trained and certified and licensed mental health providers there to help veterans and their family members free of charge. A fully operational Gym equal to any fitness center out there.  It is all new equipment donated by Lifetime Fitness They have Certified Trainers on that can help you with your rehabilitation and or fitness goals.  And lastly there are those there, that can help with your spiritual health as well. The facility is operated by donations from community business organizations and Veteran Service Organizations.  They ask veterans to join as members as well as their family members.  However there are NO membership fees ….EVER. it is all free to any veteran and their family members. The facility its large spacious gathering spaces are perfect for a graduation gathering or Wedding on the grounds and reception in the beautiful reception hall overlooking the lake.  All Free to the veteran and their family.  There are less than 5 paid staff all other to run the facility are volunteers Dr Alderman does not take a salary.


More to come next Month