Department of Minnesota, 6th District


Marsha Bible

6th District Secretary/Treasurer 2014-2015

5602 West Oakes Drive

St. Cloud, MN  56303

Phone:  H-(320) 252-3864       C-(320)492-8977

Email: marsha.bible@gmail.com




The Sixth District Bulletin deadline is the 10th of the month.  This is your bulletin.  If you want to see something different in it, please let me know.

Calendar of Activities:  Upcoming dates can be found elsewhere in this bulletin.

District Assessments are based on your Unit’s membership as of July 31, 2023.  Unit Presidents please make your Treasurer aware of this.  All units are obligated to pay this assessment.  Please use the District Assessment amounts in this bulletin. The rates printed in the September bulletin were incorrect.

President Patti’s Project will be to raise funds for activities and the recreation program at the new Minnesota Veterans Home in Bemidji. The home was scheduled to start accepting residents in mid February.  Send your donations to me, your Secretary/Treasurer made payable to:  6th District American Legion Auxiliary c/o Marsha Bible, 5602 West Oakes Drive, St. Cloud, MN  56303. General funds, poppy funds and gambling funds can be used for this project. More information will be coming on how to make donations from gambling funds.

Pictures:  If you have pictures that you would like to share in the bulletin, please email them to me at marsha.bible@gmail.com.  Pictures must be in .jpg format in order to be used.

Memorial Chairman is Theresa Phillips (formerly Soltis). Please send deceased member information to her. Her address is 11 Oakleaf Lane – Circle Pines, MN  55014. Her email address is theresaphillips264@gmail.com.  Phone number is (320)333-5368.


6th District Junior Conference will be held in Kimball on March 9, 2024. If you have Junior members or are interested in what our Juniors do, plan on attending this event.


**6th District Joint Testimonial** will be held on Saturday, May 18th in Ironton. This is a change of information originally published. Location will be at Ironton American Legion Post. Information can be found elsewhere in this bulletin.           


6th District Convention will be held in Brainerd on June 1, 2024. The District Executive Committee will meet on Friday, May 31st. It is highly recommended that if you plan to stay overnight that you book a hotel in Brainerd as soon as possible.


Annual Reports should be sent to the District Chairman of each program. A list of names & addresses will be provided in the March bulletin. All reports should be submitted to the District Chairman with a postmark no later than April 15, 2024. Reports show unit accomplishments from 4/1/23 thru 3/31/24.


Unit Impact Reports should be sent to 6th District President Patti Gunderson and should be postmarked no later than April 15,2024.