Department of Minnesota, 6th District



Bev Grose ~ 6th District Leadership Chairman

1606 Havens Moor ~ Sauk Rapids, MN  56379 ~ (320) 407-3303 ~ gr9561@yahoo.com


We had a great turnout in Kimball for the Leadership Training. Thank you all for coming.


Leadership is a mindset in action and has nothing to do with titles. You can be a leader anywhere. Show excitement about what you are doing by unswerving commitment to our vision. Listen to our members – the potential for identifying new opportunities can emerge. Listening is the opportunity to grow. Be a cheerleader for our organization. Put a welcome mat out for everyone.


Develop a plan to continually develop new leadership. Mentor new and older members. By sharing your knowledge you are insuring that our history does not get lost. Does your unit have an officer training program?