Department of Minnesota, 6th District




Note from Chairman

As for a summary of this last year: 2023 Boys State at St. John’s was a phenomenal experience for the 200+ boys that attended; their counselors and the administrative support as well.  Given that this was my second year serving as a counselor, I know what I’m talking about when I give the experience a glowing report.   Overall attendance was up about 20% over the previous year; and, as for District 6, we produced 34 boys (100% up from the previous year).  District 6 has moved into 3rd place when it comes to recruiting attendees.

This year we brought back the Boys State Chorus.  It was a tremendous joy to watch the excitement of the 76 boys who participated in the chorus, and observe their pride in performing at a high level in the final ceremonies.  Also, this year the Boys State Committee made arrangements for a videographer to attend for purposes of producing an informational/recruitment video that will soon be available on the Department website.

There were 22 posts in District 6 that sponsored one or more boy(s) to the program this last year.  There were many other posts that invested substantial effort, but found an unreceptive pool of candidates.  We all learn from disappointing results (personally, I came up blank more often than not with much of my efforts), but we never throw in the towel.  Boys State is truly a life-changing event for young men.  It’s just that they don’t really understand that until they have been there. So, we put the pedal to the metal again, having learned a few things, and having planted some seeds.

I hope to double our numbers in District 6 again this next year, and have absolutely no doubt that it can be done.  What I heard from several of our post chairmen for Boys State that had problems sponsoring this last year is that they waited too long.  That’s a simple fix. By the time you read this, I will have already reached out to the boys my post sponsored last year to get names and phone numbers of who they recommend I consider for this coming year. I will have also reached out to the principals of the schools in my post’s area to let them know who I am and that I am looking for referrals from them as well.

Last year at this time, in my article to the Newsletter, I asked that each post notify me of the name and phone number of their Boys State Chairman.  I received zero responses. Can we try that again?

Murray (651.263.5429)