Department of Minnesota, 6th District



Note from Chairman

Those of us who have had an opportunity to participate in the Boys State program, either as a candidate or a volunteer, know that it is a positive life-changing experience for a 17 year old boy. One would like to think that all legion members would know that, given that the program has been going on for ¾ of a century.  Yet, as District Six Chair reaching out to our many posts, I have discovered an enormous lack of knowledge and appreciation for Boys State. I have honestly had several post commanders respond, “What’s Boys State?” So, you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that a very small percentage of our District 6 posts actively promote this adventure of a lifetime to the youth in their community, a community that their charter says they serve.

On the other side of the coin, a handful of our posts are putting the pedal to the metal, and thus, I am optimistic that we will triple our output from last year.  My goal is that District 6 will send 50 boys to Boys State next June.  If you would like some assistance to meet your personal goal, feel free to call.

A couple updates: We are looking at producing a video at Boys State this next June to help with future recruiting.  Also, we are restarting the Boys State Choir this next year.  It is going to be phenomenal. And, a new brochure for Boys State has been produced.  Let me know if you would like some.

Carpe diem (seize the day)

R. Murray Bright

Boys State Chairman for Dist. 6

(651) 263-5429